To celebrate our website launch, the first 100 orders will receive a free froggy goodie bag!
To celebrate our website launch, the first 100 orders will receive a free froggy goodie bag!
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Complete Tadpole Kit (mini pool)
Complete Tadpole Kit (mini pool)
Complete Tadpole Kit (mini pool)

Complete Tadpole Kit (mini pool)

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Everything you need to raise your own tadpoles from spawn to froglets!

This kit makes for the perfect spring/summer outdoor project. It contains absoluely everything you need to raise tadpoles and detailed instructions on how to do it right! Its sole purpose is to provide hands on, interactive and educational fun for all ages!

The Complete Tadpole Kit contains;

1x Mini Inflatable Tadpole Pool (colour may vary)

1x Detailed Complete Tadpole Guide

1x Tadpole Net

5x Tadpole Artificial Plants

1x Magnifying Glass

1x Pipette

40ml Dechlorinator

700g Tadpole pool gravel

200g Tadpole Pellets

30g Tadpole Flaked Food

The kit contains more than enough food and pellets to sustain the recommended amount of tadpoles right from spawn to froglet. It also contains everything you need to set up and decorate your tadpole pool.

This product is a result of months of researching and testing and I am confident that this is a nutritional and complete diet for tadpoles and ensures optimum health and growth along with foraging and enrichment, replicating their natural environment.

I calculated and carefully measured the amount of pelleted and floating food the tadpoles will need to grow from spawn to froglet and added extra to ensure your tadpoles are covered. Along with a surplus of dechlorinator to ensure safe water for tadpoles.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Frogs lay right up until April and tadpoles are around all the way until late summer.

This product does NOT contain any livestock. ie frogspawn, tadpoles or frogs. This kit does have a detailed guide on how and where to find frogspawn for you project. The point of this is to encourage people to go outdoors and explore nature. My recommendation is only to collect a small amount 20-30 tadpoles or spawn and if possible to collect it from an area where it as at risk from harm, death, frost or drought. For example, A shallow puddle. Do not expect all your tadpoles to survive. The Kit Guide contains a lot more detailed, step by step instructions and advice.

Please allow for minor measurement variation as this contains some products which vary in shape, size and colour.

This is designed to be an educational product. Please respect nature and follow the guide do not go over the recommended amounts in the guide. If you do not follow the guide, there is no guarantee your project will have the desired outcome.

Please check your country / derestrictions laws on rescuing or collecting frogspawn and tadpoles.